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Which CBD product is right for you can depend on a lot of personal factors such as: what ailments are you trying to treat, preferences for taste and texture, daily routines, and many more. To learn more about each product, and why one may be more right for you than others, visit our blog and read about the different benefits of each CBD product

Our Full Spectrum CBD salve and roll-on have no shelf life. Other products such as CBD oil, or CBD soft gels, do have expiration dates printed on each bottle. Like any other product you want to be aware of when your supplements expire.

Yes! Our products are in many local pharmacies, hardware stores, and groceries. If you live outside of the Maryland and Pennsylvania area the best way to purchase our products is still right here on our online store.

Right now, the answer to this question is no. Currently, most health insurance agencies do not cover CBD oil or other CBD products, even when a physician prescribes it. However, if you use an HSA it can be used to purchase CBD like any other over the counter drug.

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