5 Benefits of CBD Topicals

5 Benefits of CBD Topicals - Catoctin Hemp

5 Benefits of CBD Salves & Topicals

Deciding which product is best for your health as a new CBD customer? Let us help.


by James Little on November 11, 2022




Aside from the potential health benefits of Hemp & CBD, one of the great things about supplementing your wellness with CBD is that there are so many options available for daily use. One of the most common options to supplement with CBD is the daily use of CBD salves.


While all of Catoctin Hemp’s products provide an effective method of obtaining the benefits of CBD each has its own distinct personal benefits depending on the customer. So what are the distinct benefits of CBD topicals? And, is it the right supplement method for you?

What are CBD Salve & CBD Topicals?


CBD topicals are similar to any other cream, lotion, or salve found in the Health, Beauty, and Wellness markets but infused with the healthy benefits of CBD. Essentially, a balm is something you apply to your skin to heal it. Most consumers use a basic salve to help with chapped lips, dry skin, or a rash. Salves are used to help soothe symptoms from scrapes and cuts, eczema, and other skin irritations.


A CBD salve works to achieve all that and more. With the added health benefits of CBD, our salves not only help to protect and nourish the skin but can be an incredibly effective pain reliever and solution to inflammation in our joints and muscles while also being a 100% natural and safe CBD product for all consumer types. With the added benefits of CBD, our CBD salves are potent topicals.





What are the Benefits of CBD Salves?


Targeted Pain Relief: 

Topical pain creams infused with CBD have been shown to provide pain relief more effectively with more natural ingredients than traditional pain creams on the market which typically only mask pain with ingredients like lidocaine or other numbing agents. Our CBD salves are all-natural ingredients that have been shown to reduce the inflammation in our bodies that are the cause of our pain. In the form of a salve, or cream, CBD can be used on sources of pain throughout the day to immediately relieve those aches.



Deeper Than Skin Deep: 

In studies from the National Institute of Health, researchers observe that the skin has endocannabinoid receptors. These receptors allow CBD and other cannabinoids to work effectively even through and deeper than the skin barrier. That means CBD salves and other topicals could very likely help nourish, protect, and repair the skin from deeper than the surface level, even improving the immune system of our skin.



Improved Skin Care: 

Other methods of CBD use, such as tinctures, gummies, or soft gels, may provide more mental health benefits to consumers; addressing issues like depression, anxiety, and stress. But nothing has more benefits to the health of our skin than CBD salves. Unlike oils, which must be metabolized in the body, salves can be applied to a local, pinpointed area for the sharpest accuracy in treatment. This is hyper-effective for conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. CBD is not a magical, one-time cure, but applied daily over time it has been shown to clear skin issues such as these and even be beneficial for allergic skin reactions such as poison ivy and oak. When it comes to the fight against acne, CBD is a promising topical treatment. Acne is inflammation on the surface of the skin. Since CBD is already well-known to help treat inflammation, it’s easy to see how CBD salves may help with acne.



Fast-Acting Effects: 

CBD topicals are great when you need relief quickly in specific areas of your body. The fast-acting nature of a CBD salve makes it perfect for athletes looking for an all-natural way to ease soreness after workouts or practices. Competitive bodybuilder Paul Roney said this about CBD for athletes. “When I’m done training, I have a little bit of CBD, because if I do have sore muscles, or aches and pains, it does help. I have a CBD cream that I rub on my muscles when I’ve pulled something, and it works just like A535. It’s going to work on helping my muscles recover faster so I can get back to the gym quicker.” CBD salves are not only great for sports and professional athletes, but the targeted pain relief, anti-inflammatory, and instant effects can be a day saver for those suffering from inflammatory issues like arthritis and those who work in physically intensive fields such as construction or manufacturing.



No Absorption Into The Bloodstream: 

Unlike most other methods of using Hemp & CBD, CBD salves do not absorb into the bloodstream. For consumers who may be averse to the idea of THC consumption, or who are regularly tested for THC in the bloodstream, with CBD salves and topicals the minimal THC content does not penetrate past the skin ensuring those customers can enjoy the potential relief from aches and pains without the concerns of THC in their bloodstream.




How are CBD Salves Used?


CBD topicals, like any other body cream or beauty product purchased, are applied directly to the area you wish to target. The typical amount necessary for relief of pain, inflammation, or for skin irritations is a dime-sized portion. Rub the dime size portion into the affected area, massaging the skin, until it is absorbed into the skin. If the pain is more intense pain, such as for arthritis or recovery from injury, a larger portion of the CBD may be applied or the salve can be applied more times until relief is felt. The recommendation, however, is to increase the strength of the CBD salve used. Catoctin Hemp offers a 3000mg CBD salve for this reason, and we have found it to be the strongest salve on the market.



Is CBD Salve Right For Me?


As one of the most commonly used methods for CBD among consumers salves are a great choice for any customer. Whether you are someone who suffers from localized pain and inflammation or is an active exercise enthusiast looking for a more natural and healthy way to recover quickly, CBD topicals are a comfortable entry point into the wellness benefits of CBD.


CBD Salves and topicals are always great for current CBD users who want to add a targeted solution for uncommon aches, pains, and skin irritations that happen throughout our day.


Made with simple ingredients: Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Beeswax, Jojoba Oil, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, and Spearmint Oil, Catoctin Hemp’s CBD salve is 100% natural, organic, and non-GMO. You can visit the store to find your solution and get back to the active things you love. As with any of our products, our salves are 100% natural American made from hemp grown, and processed, at our facility in Maryland. Nothing we do is outsourced

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