5 Benefits of CBD Tincture Use

A Hemp or CBD tincture is a bottle of concentrated cannabis oil or oral administration and use sublingually. It is essentially liquid CBD that you can use orally or put in a beverage to drink. CBD tinctures are extracted full spectrum hemp oil that is combined with a carrier oil like MCT (coconut oil) or safflower. Catoctin Hemp CBD Tinctures are Hydrocarbon extracted CBD oil, which on its own is very sticky like honey, mixed with coconut oil and heated up to combine. This process makes for easier consumption. While you can use safflower, or even butter, as a carrier oil. We choose to use coconut oil as it is tasteless. Ensuring that the natural flavors of the CBD are not lost even when our tinctures go through the flavoring process.

5 benefits to CBD tinctures

  • Absorption. Taking your CBD in a tincture and using it under your tongue provides more CBD bang for your purchase. Studies, in fact, have shown an additional 18% absorption of CBD when using a tincture. CBD is also absorbed into the body quicker when using a tincture, taking effect generally within 15 - 30 minutes.
  • Controlled Dosage. With CBD tinctures you are in control of your daily dose. Other methods, such as soft gels or edibles, come in predetermined amounts of milligrams and the only way to increase or decrease that dose is to double it. With a tincture you can measure out the exact right milliliter to receive the desired daily effect for you. This method makes usage very personal to your own body and relief.
  • Flavor. Whether you are someone who loves the natural hemp flavor or not, tinctures provide an easy vessel to flavor your medicinal doses. Unlike other methods, that may be tasteless or artificially flavored, tinctures start at the natural flavor of the hemp which produced it. If that flavor is not your preference you can easily add the oil to any beverage you prefer. Catoctin Hemp CBD tinctures come in a fresh lemon flavor, a 
  • No Sugar. CBD tinctures contain no additional ingredients or added sugars. CBD is typically used for medical reasons, like relieving pain or anxiety, and having a sugar free method of use ensures that even those suffering from diabetes can take CBD without any worry of complicating factors. It also will not effect any diet.
  • No Harmful Side Effects. Taking CBD sublingually has no harmful effects on the body. Even if the oil were swallowed immediately it would only slow down the absorption not harm the body in any way. Edibles, vape products, or smoking flower can all negatively effect the body depending on frequency of use.

How to use a CBD tincture

CBD tinctures come labeled with dosage information and CBD milligrams per milliliter making the dosage easy to calculate and change. Taking CBD in a tincture is easy to do. Simply squeeze the medicinal dropper to fill to the desired dosage amount, then squeeze the oil under the tongue.

For best absorption, and results. Hold the oil under the tongue for 90 seconds to 2 minutes. If you swallow the oil in advance of that time have no fear; the CBD oil will still work it will just have to be digested instead of absorbed making it take longer to have an effect. After holding the CBD under your tongue, you can follow it up with a preferred drink or food.

After the drops dissolve under your tongue, they’re absorbed into the sublingual artery, the CBD travels through the body and then to the brain.

CBD taken sublingually takes effect within 15-30 minutes. When using CBD tinctures there is no long wait for the desired effect as there is with edibles or soft gels. The effect of the CBD when taken from a tincture can last anywhere from 4 hours to 8 hours, making CBD tinctures an all day solution for pain, anxiety, and stress.

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Catoctin Hemp's CBD tinctures come in Full or Broad spectrum. They can be purchased in lemon, mint, or natural flavors and all have been 3rd party tested for quality and potency. As with any of our products, our tinctures are 100% natural American made from hemp grown, and processed, at our own facility in Maryland. Nothing we do is outsourced.

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