5 Benefits of CBD Soft Gels

5 Benefits of CBD Soft Gels - Catoctin Hemp

5 Benefits of CBD Soft Gels

Deciding which product is best for your health as a new CBD customer?

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by James Little on November 07, 2022


Aside from the potential health benefits of Hemp & CBD, one of the great things about supplementing your wellness with CBD is that there are so many options available for daily use. One of the most common options to supplement with CBD is daily CBD soft gels.

While all of Catoctin Hemp’s products provide an effective method of obtaining the benefits of CBD each has their own distinct personal benefits depending on the customer. So what are the distinct benefits of CBD soft gels? And, is it the right supplement method for you?

What is a CBD Soft Gel?

A soft gel is a specialized oral capsule for medicine typically made from a hermetically sealed gelatin casing with a medicinal liquid fill. Studies have shown that over 52% of consumers prefer soft gels to hard capsules, chewable, or tablets. The main reason being that soft gels are much easier for consumers to swallow than other medicinal tablets, and soft gels do not leave any chalky or bad aftertaste.

Catoctin Hemp's CBD Soft Gels are filled with our true full spectrum hemp oil, high in minor cannabinoids and terpenes, and encapsulated in an easy to absorb gelatin that increases the bioavailability of our product. Since gellatin is such a natural product our bodies absorb it well and the effectiveness of our CBD is not lost in the process. 

What are the Benefits of CBD Soft Gels?

The second most common method of CBD use, soft gels offer and easy entry point with a familiar daily routine
  1. Ease of use: Soft gels make it incredibly easy for first time users to get into a routine using CBD as a daily supplement. A lot of the work is done for you, dosage is pre-measured and clearly labeled on the bottle with easy instructions for when to take your dose. Catoctin Hemp offers two dosage strengths in CBD soft gel format. We always recommend for new consumers to begin with the lowest strength for the first month, if results aren’t quite what you were looking for then increase the strength of the dosage for the next month.

  1. Longer lasting: The way in which a soft gel releases medication into our bodies ensures for a longer duration of the effects. Since the CBD soft gels are sealed, the release of the cannabinoids happens after the gelatin is dissolved in our stomachs, the effect of the CBD won’t be felt immediately but will have a longer duration. The bioavailability of our CBD is the same as any other method, but it is released slower and over a longer span of time than other methods. Because of this, CBD soft gels are designed to be an all day solution to pain relief and overall feelings of well being.

  1. Tasteless: Hemp & CBD tinctures, gummies, and other ingestible methods can be flavored or feature the natural flavors of the hemp plant they are produced from. Some customers love and swear by the natural taste of Catoctin Hemp’s CBD products, but not every customer wants a taste to their daily health supplements. The benefit of CBD soft gels is that you can take your daily dose with no taste at all, so no need to find a flavor that suits you or grow an appreciation for the natural terpene taste of hemp products.

  1. Safe and Easy Storage: While CBD and CBD products are far more safe for us and our children than the majority of over the counter medications, it is still important to protect your supplements and vitamins the same way you would ibuprofen. Our CBD soft gels come in a sealed and child proof container that makes sure it is only being opened for its intended purpose. The bottle, no different than the majority of other vitamins and supplements, is easy to store along with all the other daily products we use.

  1. Healthy Habit Forming: 86% of Americans use a daily vitamin or supplement and already have added that to their daily routine. CBD is used much the same and in the soft gel formula it is very easy to add into the healthy habit that is already formed. Once a day CBD usage could alleviate chronic daily pain, relieve stress and general depression, and improve our sleep. When CBD is used in soft gel form it is very easy to form a healthy habit by taking it alongside your daily multi-vitamin or other supplements.


Are CBD Soft Gels Right for Me?

Soft Gels in bowl

The familiarity with taking daily vitamins and supplements in a pill form each morning or night, the ease of finding the dose that is right for you, and the long lasting effect of a CBD soft gel supplement make this method of use great for first time users. CBD in a soft gel form can also be a great choice for any customer that prefers a tasteless CBD solution and the comfortability of adding Full Spectrum CBD into their daily supplements.

The bottom line is that CBD can be great for our overall health, helping to possibly alleviate our daily aches and pains, our anxiousness or inability to sleep and what method we use to take our daily CBD is a personal choice that depends on our personal health and wellness preferences. Catoctin Hemp offers 100% all natural, organic, and GMO free options for daily CBD use. If CBD soft gels seem like the right choice for you we make it easy to get a monthly supply of soft gels in the right dose at the highest medicinal quality and affordability. 


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