5 Benefits of CBD Gummies

5 Benefits of CBD Gummies - Catoctin Hemp

5 Benefits of CBD Gummies & Ingestibles

Deciding which product is best for your health as a new CBD customer? Let us help.


by James Little on November 11, 2022




Aside from the potential health benefits of Hemp & CBD, one of the great things about supplementing your wellness with CBD is that many options are available for daily use. One of the most liked options to supplement with CBD is the daily use of CBD gummies and other edibles.


While all of Catoctin Hemp’s products provide an effective method of obtaining the benefits of CBD, each has distinct personal benefits depending on the customer. So what are the distinct benefits of CBD gummies? And, is it the right supplement method for you?

What are CBD Gummies & CBD Edibles?


CBD Gummies are candies in various forms and made from various ingredients that have been infused with CBD. Similar to standard candy gummies, CBD gummies come in a wide variety of flavors, shapes, sizes, and potencies. Depending on your personal tastes and beliefs you will want to check the ingredients before purchasing. Catoctin Hemp’s CBD gummies are 100% vegan and use only plant-based ingredients, they have a hempy taste as there is no added sugar and only natural fruit flavorings.


Gummies have been a common and very popular form of vitamin supplement for a long time. Similar to vitamin gummies, CBD gummies have been shown to help achieve better and more restful sleep, lower anxiety, decrease stress, and help relieve inflammation and decrease pain.


Soft CBD Gummy


What are the Benefits of CBD Gummies?


Great Tasting CBD: 

CBD has been shown to have significant benefits for our mind, body, and overall health and wellness that does not mean it is a taste that is suitable for every palette. One of the commonly known traits of Hemp and CBD is that it has a very bitter natural taste. Made entirely from plant extract you can imagine the unchanged taste of CBD to be earthly. The great benefit of CBD in gummy form is that the taste is much more enjoyable. Some companies may artificially enhance the flavor with added sugars and artificial flavoring, but Catoctin Hemp accomplishes a great fruit flavor with only natural ingredients and no added sugar, making their CBD gummies a great choice for consumers with diabetes or other sugar misgivings.



No Thought Easy Doses: 

Unlike with a CBD tincture where you have to be in control of the dosage amount, CBD gummies are a predetermined dosage per gummy and typically come well labeled with a daily recommended dosage. This makes it very easy to ensure you are getting the right amount of daily CBD for your health needs. CBD gummies typically come in lower dosage amounts than other forms of CBD so they are perfect for first-time consumers of CBD to find the right amount that promotes a healthy day.



Approachable, Comfortable Daily Routine: 

CBD gummies are one of the most popular methods of CBD consumption. One of the reasons for this is the accessibility of gummies for daily vitamins. CBD oil, tinctures, or vaping products may not be comfortable for new users or other customers as they are not something only some of us are used to in our everyday lives. CBD gummies offer an approachable solution to adding CBD to your daily vitamins. CBD gummies can be taken in the morning, before bed, or both to fulfill whatever health needs you have and can be taken along with other supplements with no need to take them with food.



Delayed but Long-Lasting Effects: 

While all CBD products can be beneficial for a vast amount of health needs, the effects depending on the method used can change in how quickly they are felt and for how long the duration of effect is. CBD gummies, since they are eaten, deliver CBD through digestion into the bloodstream. This process can take longer to have an effect than if the CBD were delivered through absorption like with a tincture or salve, or through the lungs, if it were vaped or smoked. Typically the effects of CBD are felt within 30 minutes when in gummy form and can be felt throughout the day lasting between 4 to 8 hours.



Bedtime Routine: 

The benefits of improved sleep with CBD have been talked about for years, but our customers have said that they notice an even more enhanced sleep improvement when eating CBD gummies before bed than they had with other CBD products. A lot of our customers swear by their CBD gummy bedtime routine.




How are CBD Gummies Used? How Should They be Stored?


CBD gummies, like any other candied or gummy vitamin and supplement that can be purchased, are eaten during your desired time of day. The amount of CBD per gummy should be clearly labeled on the product and a suggested daily dose should be listed as well. Depending on what the customer is using CBD for, whether it is for mental health relief of anxiety, stress, or insomnia, or physical health relief of pain and inflammation, the amount necessary may be more than suggested. The recommendation is to always begin with the suggested serving and see how it affects you personally for a week or so before trying a higher-than-suggested amount. CBD gummies like any vitamin should be stored in an airtight container and kept in the medicine cabinet, or pantry. Catoctin Hemp offers CBD gummies in a clear, airtight container that seals for lasting freshness and a longer shelf-life. Unlike THC products, CBD gummies have no psychoactive effects and are not harmful if mistakenly consumed by a child or pet.



Stack of CBD Gummies

Are CBD Gummies Right For Me?


As one of the most commonly used, and most popular methods for CBD among consumers gummies are a great choice for any customer. Whether you are someone who suffers from physical health ailments and inflammation or is someone looking for a more natural way to try to manage your daily mental health and wellness, CBD gummies are a comfortable entry point into the wellness benefits of CBD.


CBD gummies are always great for current CBD users who want to add a night-time addition to their supplements that some customers have stated offer a more restful and relaxed sleep experience in particular.


Made with simple plant-based, all-natural ingredients and with no artificial coloring or flavoring. Catoctin Hemp’s CBD gummies are 100% natural, organic, and non-GMO. You can visit the store to find your solution and get back to the active things you love. As with any of our products, our gummies are 100% natural American made from hemp grown, and processed, at our facility in Maryland. Nothing we do is outsourced

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